Autonomous Robot Assistants for
Healthcare Providers

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World’s First
Autonomous Robotic Platform For
Medical Procedures

A Labor Solution For Healthcare

Human-Robot Collaboration For Healthcare

The Medical Cobot Assistant of The Future

CodiTM is not a medically certified product. It is in progress of obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

To be the medical robot assistant of the future for every clinician, in every hospital and care setting.

Improve the quality of healthcare

Improve workplace safety

Increase capacity

Leverages Al to learn

and improve over time.

360° scan of any object

Labeling of real data

based on generated 3D-models

Training of deep learning models

Detection of humans

and other moving objects

Environment scan

and obstacle mapping

Advanced path planning around obstacles

Detection and differentiation of humans and other moving objects

Enables true collaboration between human and machine

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Telemedical network for increasing accessibility

Tablet-based user interface

to easily create programs.

Intuitive interaction through voice and gesture control

Zero-G mode to easily

move the robot around

Force Multiplier

In times of increased demand, TUG robots act as a force multiplier, navigating busy hallways to make deliveries of meds, meals, and supplies. TUG safely provides scheduled and on-demand delivery of linens to nursing units. In the lab, automated robotic delivery eliminates the headaches and restrictions associated with pneumatic tube systems. 

By calculating temperature, depth and location with pinpoint accuracy. High image resolution makes it possible for CODI cobots to recognize variations in object shape and to make decisions on obstacle avoidance while in motion and respond correctly even if the object only has a small visual signature.

One Cobot Platform. Multiple Applications.


Degrees of freedon


Maximum reach




Safety standards


Max payload


Patent pending


Work accuracy


Sensors Embedded

  1. The robot consists of 2 proprietary vision modules and 2 standard cameras. Located in the base consists of 3 vision modules in total.

  2. The standards contributing to the total count derives from the iso and iec tested with the robot

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Clinician Side

  1. Teleguided medical ultrasound, can perform all functions remotely

  2. Clinicians can obtain real-time force feedback, medical imaging and online collaboration

Patient Side

  1. AI enabled Cobot that acts as the remote arm of the sonographer

  2. Leverage existing medical ultrasound equipment.

  3. Dispense gel, real-time voice feedback, project instructions and guide patients

Removing Geographic Barriers in Ultrasound

Current Practice

  1. Technician must physically be present

With Cod™

  1. Technician Remotely Patches in via desktop and can manipulate Cobot

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Empower Clinicians, With Medical Assistive Cobots


  1. Control Codi™ remotely via ultrasound application.

  2. Collaborate with other clinicians in real-time.

  3. Feel ultrasound applied force as if you were there with Codi™ Control system (1:1 applied pressure at patient site)

Clinician Side And Patient Side

Benefits to Hospitals and Staff

  1. Deliver Medical Ultrasound Fully Remotely

  2. Lower cost of care

  3. Increased Utilization, Improved Efficiency

Benefits of Patients

  1. Improved Access & lower wait times

  2. Access to Experts & Collaborative Care

  3. Consistency & Continuous Learning

Benefits For Hospitals & Imaging Centres

Benefits to Hospitals and Staff

Improved Ergonomics for Clinicians

Staff do not have to apply the same physical load as current standard of practice, using the CodiTM Controller system, clinicians can remotely control medical ultrasound systems with ergonomic ease as if they were physically present and feel the force feedback. 

Deliver Medical Ultrasound Fully Remotely

Deliver the same quality of care for a variety of medical ultrasound procedures, CodiTM uses a variety of medical certified Handheld Ultrasound Probes, and displays real-time data on its dedicated clinician dashboard and haptic system. Clinicians can remotely manipulate CodiTM at any location, and can have multiple clinicians consult live while the procedure is taking place. 

Increased Utilization, Improved Efficiency  

CodiTM can facilitate more streamlined medical ultrasound procedures by allowing staff to operate in different locations simultaneously, without physically being present allowing for increased volume and access

Benefits of Patients

Improved Access & lower wait times

Patients in remote areas without specialized medical facilities can have access to advanced ultrasound procedures without having to travel long distances.

With the automation and efficiency brought about by cobots, patients will experience reduced waiting times for their procedures.

Access to the Best Experts & Collaborative Care

With real-time communication features, experts from different fields can collaborate during a live ultrasound session, offering a comprehensive diagnostic perspective for patients ultimately delivering improved patient outcomes

Consistency & Continuous Learning

Cobots can be updated with the latest ultrasound techniques as they become available, ensuring that patients always receive the latest standard of care.

Data used from each each assessment can be used as a tool for learning for staff to improve patient comes

Improve Clinical Workflow Using Robotic Assistance

Autonomous Features


Autonomous gel application

Tool Selection

Autonomously attach and detach transducer


Self-cleaning post ultrasound procedure 


Guidance to organ of interest

Advanced Technology


Guided patient sonographer interaction

Haptic System

Free range adaptive workspace


Enhanced visual experience

Staffing Shortages In Healthcare Across The Board


Home Health Aides


Medical and lab technologists and technicians


Nursing assistants


Nurse Practitioners

By 2025, the US will face an increasing shortage of…

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“We have such a high turnover/retention in our lowest support positions we have to consider automation as part of the solution”
CEO/President, UTMB

“With the financial pressures of value-based care, hospitals have to do more with less”
VP of Innovation Seton Medical Center

Sonographers Are In Pain Gaps In Specialty Care Increasing

Bridging The Gap With Tele Ultrasound

Status Quo

Awkward sustained exertion

Long wait-times 

Specialized sonographers concentrated within city areas

Resources spread across sites

Tele Guided

Robot-assisted to improve ergonomics 

Fully remote without sonographer onsite

Lower cost of care by centralizing resources


Increase revenue by increasing volume of procedures at outpatient clinics

Replace technician

Why Hospitals Care

Benefits For Healthcare Facilities


Reduce Injuries

Improve Access

Lower Cost Of Care

Increase Volume

Reduce Fte Needed

Robotic Guided Tele-Ultrasound

Autonomous Ultrasound

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World Leading kol & Tele Study Underway

Dr. Mendez
(World-Renowned Robotics Clinician)

Dr. Mendez
(World-Renowned Robotics Clinician)

Pilot Evaluation Timeline

Q4'23 - Q3'24

Initial Sale Interest

15 Units
($2.3M ACV)

Deal Potential

145 Units
($22.6M ACV)

Broader Market Implementation

Codi Cobot Hardware

  1. Fully Integrated Novel Sensors For Medical Use

  2. Certified For Medical Use (ISO/IEC)

Codi O.S.™

  1. General Ai

  2. Application Specific Ai

Flywheel Platform Model

Future Clinical Applications (CODI OS™)




Ablation Therapy




Needle Biopsy



Serial Company Builders. Experienced In Robotics.


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    Nima Zamani


    Matt Sefati

    Lead Director

    John Van Leeuwen


    Dr. Tim Lasswell

    Fractional CFO

    Gay Hoffman

    Business Development

    Dan VU

Investors, Clinical, Commercial

  • Investor

    Walt Shaw


    Ariel Malik


    Josh Reidinger


    Dr. Paul Mcbeth


    Dr. Ivar Mendez


    Stuark Kozlick