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Fully Autonomous Cobots for Procedural, Repetitive, and Complex Tasks

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of robotics for everyday tasks

At Cobionix, we believe that robots and humans can work in tandem to accomplish so much more. Our Cobots help by:

  • Improving productivity
  • Helping with labour shortages
  • Delivering on consistency
  • Reducing wasted resources
  • Closing the resource gap in remote areas

Together with our partners, Cobionix will push the boundaries between human robot collaboration in our communities.



The following features are a few of the technologies used inside Cobi™!

5G Connectivity

Cobi™ is integrated with 5G connectivity for the purposes of continuous AI learning and over the air updates.

Dedicated AI Hardware

Cobi™ is equipped with the latest dedicated AI chipsets onboard for continuous real-time AI inferencing.

Advanced Controls

Dynamic, robust, and safe control systems are ensure Cobi™ works in harmony with other cobots and humans.

Cutting Edge AI

Cobi™ runs on cutting edge proprietary and open source artificial intelligence models specifically trained for the targeted applications.

Surround 3D Vision

Cobi™ has full awareness of its surroundings at any given instance using 360° color and depth imaging.

XR Enabled

Cobi™ is fully compatible with existing XR systems for better integration with existing and future workflows.


Needle-less Injection



Fostering an environment of growth and innovation for startups.

Giving organizations the design tools and space to develop the devices of tomorrow.

Advancing the commercialization of graphene through innovative manufacturing technology.

Helping organizations access cutting-edge technology and device offered by Nvidia.

Supporting the development of new technology to ensure Canadians are a global leader in manufacturing.

Providing organizations the needed simulation software to develop innovative devices.


We are actively looking for collaborators and investors interested in the future of robotics. Please contact us regarding any inquiry about this matter.

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