World leading innovators and change agents 

Our customers are ambitious change-agents within bio-tech, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing sectors. They share our vision of driving change for a better world through collaborative robotics.



In alliance with innovative leaders in biotech, we're employing advanced robotics technology to streamline material handling and processing.


Through our strategic collaborations with key players in healthcare, we're transforming and redefining how robots and humans collaborate in the service of patient care.


We're teaming up with industry leaders in logistics, working towards a faster, more efficient, less capital-intensive supply chain.


Working closely with manufacturing powerhouses, we're revolutionizing flexibility and adaptability of processes.


We offer Cobot deployment with ongoing, customized support to scale. Our pilots demonstrate the potential for trustworthy cobots to take on material movement tasks.

Pilot in Your Operations


6 months


Demonstrated ROI

Proven performance against your KPIs

Production Cobots


12 months minimum


Cobot support

Cobot management and software

Flywheel experience




 robot types


 success rate

Our team brings a unique perspective to operational transformation through automation. We focus on reducing the risk tied to large-scale robotics implementations by looking for ways to realize ROI faster while building experience through early wins. We help companies create a flywheel that transforms manual operations to full digital control.